About us

Our origin story

A collaboration of  Pickaway Area Recovery Services, Circleville City Schools the Circleville Police Department, and the Faith Based Community launched a non-profit organization, Foundations4Youth with an accompanying youth drop-in center in Circleville. The project aims to be a unified effort of local businesses, faith based community, schools, local law enforcement, and community based organizations. By providing a locally funded youth drop-in center, our community demonstrates how dedicated they are to the future of our children.

What the leaders have to say...

"This past fall, leaders from the Pickaway County Area Recovery Services (PARS), Circleville City Schools and the Circleville Police Department have held discussions on how to create more opportunity to impact the lives of Circleville youth," said Circleville Chief of Police Shawn Baer. "Our discussions identified obstacles, a wealth of available resources and positive opportunities unique to our city. At the conclusion of our discussion we determined that our goals were actionable and simple. We needed to find tangible ways that the youth would be motivated to immediately spend time with law enforcement, PARS staff, school staff, and faith based community volunteers so that we could mentor them, provide character building opportunities, and plug them into all the resources available to them in our community."

Barry Bennett, Executive Director of Pickaway Area Recovery Services (PARS), said "We know that there is a need for our community to provide quality activities for children. Our goal is to work with activities and groups already in place and to support them by providing a connection between them and Foundations4Youth. We have seen strong community support since we started working on this last year and it is obvious that the center is needed and will have substantial local support. I also serve as the Chaplain of the Circleville Police Department and through this relationship PARS has provided services that previously were not available to the Police Department. Through partnerships we can accomplish great things and that is a core value that will make Foundations4Youth successful."

Superintendent of Circleville City Schools, Jonathan Davis, said, "The youth are the greatest asset in our community and we greatly appreciate the hard work put in by the Circleville Police Department and Pickaway Area Recovery Services to open a positive center for youth development."

What are the details?

Local collaboration and involvement has led to the creation of the Foundations4Youth Center located at 457 E. Ohio St, and will be open Tuesday's from 3-9 p.m. As additional funds and volunteers become available, the Center will be open on additional days. It will be staffed by Circleville Police, PARS, Circleville Schools, Faith Based Community, and volunteers who have been trained and had background checks. School age children 5-19 years of age are welcome to attend the center where tutoring, homework assistance, snacks, TV, gaming, Wi-Fi, and phone charging stations will be provided. Our intention is to add job skill development and scheduled crafts in the coming summer months.

"...tutoring, homework assistance, snacks, TV, gaming, Wi-Fi, and phone charging stations will be provided."